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BackPage Chronicles II: It's is a Cop-Out- Interview with Tyrice Black

Sex working is a glamourized business in the gay and trans communities. I did an article a couple months ago with Dominique Alford that depicted his journey through escorting, but this guy I talked with today had a very interesting experience that resonated with me. His name is Tyrice Black. I have known Tyrice since he was maybe 18 or 19 and he is a cool kid that came from not ever being around gays to being engulfed in the community overnight-- literally. 

Feel the Flame: Interview with Flame Monroe

I was first memorably introduced to Flame Monroe while watching a preview of a video on the internet talking about the possibility of her getting a Reality TV Show. The show was based on her living her life as a man during the day to care for her kids and participate in school activities with her young children and being a professional female impersonator at night.