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My Next Boyfriend Will Be Young

I have been very fortunate to have pretty consistent relationships for most of my adult life. For a lot of people, this is either problematic or a point of envy. For me, I just walk into spaces, connect with people and wrap them up in a bow and love them like my new pet. 

Questions as I Bang His Boyfriend

First, I will say sex is an analogy of life. In this article, I am both literally and figuratively talking about sex. So, here goes.

My moral compass has changed drastically. Back in the day, being the other dude was nothing for me. Now, I have an expectation of myself to preserve my karmic energy and exist in a space of peace-- which simply means not knowingly fucking someone's man. 

Finding my Oshun, Feeling my Fish

It's the weekend. You've gone to the club, the house is clean and there's no one home. So what do you do? Whip out your phone and log onto the apps. Oh, the choices! A4A, Jack'd, Surge. Which one to choose from?  Your profile along with your milkshake is going to bring all the boys to the yard. In less than an hour, the man of your dreams will be at your door and hopefully, your bed.