All in Harsh Realities

My Experience with Rape Culture as a Gay Man

When I think about collective solution, I immediately start off with all the things we have done inside our community to hurt us and some of the sources of pain we encounter. So many times, we shed light on the sources of pain we experience from other communities, but I am forced to examine some of the pain that is self-inflicted and unexposed.

What about your friends?

Photo obained from Facebook.

Gemmel Moore. Allow me to speak his name once more. Gemmel Moore. Now before I say anything more. First, I'd like to express my sincere condolences to him and his family. Second, fuck you okay? Here's why. On July 27th the man whose name I speak up died of something that is far too common in the gay black community: Drug overdoses.  When I first heard the news of this man's passing, I like many started to mourn his life.

Is it my Black-ness or my Trans-ness?

Transgender women have been in existence for decades and Black transgender women the same. The number of deaths this year (7) at the cause of being senseless (or very much awake) resonates an alarming awareness because all these victims are women of color. The racial counterparts of Caucasian ethnicity face self-inflicted harm and in most cases according to the National Transgender Discrimination Survey (NTDS), suicide (5% vs 76%).

I Think I am Afraid to Love

I had it all in my previous relationship: a man I thought I loved (and thought he loved me), a loving home, a shared car & a our own family with multiple puppies. We treated each other like kings from dinner dates, brunch with his friends, parties, volunteering at different LGBTQ events, & love notes to remind each other how much we love each other. We did everything together when he wasn't working & there would be times we'd do things at his place of work because he worked for our community. 

Sex, Love and HIV

Several years ago, I met a man from Atlanta, Georgia and progressively fell in love. Our interaction was infectious from the beginning. He was charming, fair skinned, with hazel eyes, and appeared to be honest and forth-coming about his passions and past, and seemingly was eager to start a new life with someone new and I wanted that someone to be me.