The Double Life of a Counselor and Porn Star: Interview with Elias Diaz

The Double Life of a Counselor and Porn Star: Interview with Elias Diaz

Elias Diaz is a stunning person, I mean, actually, jaw dropping gorgeous. I saw him sitting down speaking at a summit I was attending recently and observing his facial features and ability to appropriately articulate his thoughts was less of an interest the moment he stood up. You see what I see?

I mean, I have seen asses, but I hadn't seen an ass like that with pecs that protruded as pronounced in the front of his body. I was sitting there like, "Where in the holy hell did this guy come from?"

And finding that out was an understatement. 

Elias is from a small town in Rio Grande Valley called Eagle Pass and has recently returned from going to college at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. He did a lot of work there to become the star he is in his hometown and to facilitate his sincere mission of helping people. 

Now, the pretty part to this is he is a Mental Health Counselor for an HIV Service Organization. He says, "I’m passionate about healing. I have a gift, and I consider myself a healer above all else. The job I have now gives me an outlet to take elements of my physical, mental, and spiritual health and wellness and help others achieve the same."

The double life is where it gets... well... kinky. Elias Diaz is also Alessandro Del Toro. I mean, it wouldn't be me if I didn't give you a chance to check him out AND I tell you a little about this alter ego. Sooooo.... (Continued below the ad.)

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Click here for more information about PrEP.

Well, actually he explains it best, "I’ve been in adult films since 2006, working for studios such as Channel 1 Releasing, Hot House, and Chaos Men. I’ve also branched out into adult and fetish modeling working for photographers such as the renowned Venfield 8 and Tate Tullier. I also model for fetish wear companies like Roughtrade Gear and Soldout Clothing. I also go-go dance at bars and big circuit parties." 

So, with these dual facets of this incredibly hot guy, he decides to be even more amazing and bring the glitz and glam of Pride from Los Angeles to his small town, Eagle Pass. He says, "Coming back to my roots has such a bittersweet feeling. After spending the last ten years of my life exploring my identity and developing my sexuality, there is still a huge part of me that’s a small town boy at heart. Coming back home has given me the opportunity to heal, to reconnect with family and mend broken relationships, as well as rebirth some of my oldest and most meaningful friendships."  Still, coming home has also reminded him of all that was left behind. Rio Grande Valley is MUCH different than living the life in Los Angeles and traveling the coast of California. There are no places to be gay, no gay models to model yourself, no gender diversity and no events where you can appreciate your sexuality.

That is the reason why he is initiating Eagle Pass's first Pride Celebration and he is pulling out all the stops. You have to wonder how such a small town will have this aspect of community centered around LGBT Pride. Pride in big cities can usually bring out families, friends and also hate groups and Bible toting Anti-LGBT Christians. Elias is optimistic. "We’re a small town with hometown values. But hometown values don’t include hate, at least not in my book."

This is what taking over every piece of the country and spreading love not hate. It is courageous, powerful and impactful. His biggest hope is that this event will instill hope in people, particularly young people with ambitions to see others carry this tradition forward. "I’m hoping that people will eventually not feel as if they have to choose between being home and being gay."

The Pride Parade will be October 15, 2017, from 11 am- 1 pm in Eagle Pass, TX. For more information, you can check out the Facebook event page here. We salute you, Elias! Check out some of our favorite pictures of Elias/ Alessandro.


Also, if you are as interested as we are, here's a clip. By clicking this, you agree that you are over the age of 18. 

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