The Normal Anomaly is a collective of bloggers that explores the narrative of Black LGBT people from a personal or perspective lens. From sex to culture, education to advocacy, you can always come here and find good conversation.

Our in-house authors:


A Brief History

This started off as the brainchild of the founder of The Normal Anomaly, Ian L. Haddock. It soon grew to a couple thousand subscribers and over 1.1 million views. Because of the success of the thoughts and stories of Black LGBT people, Ian was able to garner some of the most talented, writers, thinkers and academics  to contribute to this website. 

Soon after, Ian needed to take a break to refocus the energy of The Normal Anomaly and bring it back stronger and more polished. Far cry from June 2015 when it was first launched, The Normal Anomaly is a consistent source of thought and entertainment in this community. We look to be a beacon light as we grow along with our social engagements done under the umbrella of our conjoining company, So Black, So Gay who is founded by Ahmier Gibson and co- founded by Ian L. Haddock. 

As always we are looking for new talent and collaborations and hope that you sincerely enjoy the content we bring to you. After all, we are all a lot more alike than different.